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Night Ride Dog Blanket

Night Ride Dog Blanket

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The Puppylicious blankets are so soft and cozy that they might soon become your pup's favourite snuggling companion. He can cuddle under it, on it, you can use it as a towel or you can take it with you on a car ride. Whatever your plan, a sweet nap asks for a cozy blanket.

The blanket is made using super soft 80% cotton fleece on one side and 100% cotton jersey on the other. It's finished with a stitch around all edges to keep its shape and a branded faux leather tag.

It comes packaged in a rigid cardboard box, perfect for being offered as a gift.

Please wash it gently at 30 degrees and dry it on a horizontal surface to keep its shape.

We consider that our dogs’ health and safety should be every owner’s priority. Please read carefully the instructions below:
- Don’t let your dog use the blanket as a toy. It's a soft fabric and it can be easily torn while tugging.
- For safety reasons, you can remove the branded tag if you think the dog can chew it.
- If your dog is a heavy chewer, don't let the blanket on his disposal when he is left unattended.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you!