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“Perfect cocker spaniel" Paperback, Full Colour Edition - by Natalia Ashton

“Perfect cocker spaniel" Paperback, Full Colour Edition - by Natalia A

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Perfect cocker spaniel: complete guide. Breed, diet, health, grooming, training and more

“Natalia’s love of this breed is easy to see as she compiles her experience and research into this handy guide. Perfect for a lover of the breed.” DOGS MONTHLY magazine

Finally, here is a one-of-a-kind FULL COLOUR EDITION book that tells you everything about English cocker spaniels.

Aimed at both the perspective puppy parents and the true lovers of the breed, "Perfect cocker spaniel" is the result of thirty years of acquired knowledge and personal experience of living with and raising dogs, including the English cocker. The breed became the author’s choice over a decade ago. Since then all her efforts have been channelled into studying, observing and learning everything she possibly could about these merry little dogs, so that she could give her spaniels the best life and share tips and advice with anyone interested in the breed.

This encyclopaedic yet very personal tome consists of two parts, theory and practical. 

The comprehensive theory covers the history and characteristics of the breed and points to consider before you start your search; provides expert advice on nutrition, breed specific diet, types of foods, allergies and choice of diet for all life stages; in-depth information on grooming including the art of hand-stripping, daily care, full grooming routine, tools and tips on avoiding problems; health, first aid and preventative care; behaviour, training and more. 

The practical part fully prepares you for finding, raising and living with your English cocker puppy month by month helping you prevent any behavioural and health issues to ensure that your chubby little guy becomes the most perfect spaniel you’ve always dreamed of! 

The book is a SPECIAL EDITION filled with quality photographs, beautiful illustrations and art works inspired by the English cocker. It is accompanied by a list of references on the latest evidence-based research as well as further reading titles to benefit anyone interested in canine health, psychology and nutrition. 

Already praised by breeders, cocker spaniel parents and national media, this straight-talking guide is written for the love of the English cocker - for the most caring parents and the happiest pups.