About Us

Puppylicious Boutique was born in 2018 with the intention of bringing style, quality and smiles to pups and their humans all over the world. Puppylicious accessories are carefully handcrafted using only high quality fabrics.

They come in a wide variety of patterns, each with a sense of style and elegance, suitable for any activity you and your pup might have in plan.




 This is Delia & Panda, the core team of Puppylicious Boutique.

We love kissing, sharing secrets, telling jokes and acting serious from time to time.

Panda is my super-aussie girl, a constant inspiration, a bundle of joy, a friend and a trustful partner. I am an ex-advertising professional who decided to live life to the fullest doing what I love, after 11 years of corporate life.

Puppylicious Boutique will always be inspired by my love for Panda and we hope to find customers who see their relationship with their fur-friends as strong as ours: it's about a lifetime friendship, not a dog and his owner.





We believe in walking our dogs simply for the joy of being together.
We believe in brunching together.
We believe in taking them to our office sometimes.
We believe in weekend plans for all of us.
In playdates, in sports played together.
We believe in exploring new places.
We believe in celebrating their Birthday
and putting them on top of Santa’s list.

We believe in friendship.
We believe in happy woofs.


Questions or suggestions? Let's get in touch: