Breeders Program

Responsible breeding is a full time job. It is art and science put together with total devotion and commitment, with the main purpose of breeding to improve. We strongly believe that responsible breeders are those who put all their efforts into giving the world the best companions humans can have.

Besides knowledge, care and a ton of hard work, responsible breeders make sure their puppies go to good homes. Handing over the puppies to their new families is a happy and unique moment that needs to be celebrated.

Puppylicious Boutique is happy to be part of it by offering packages of puppy bandanas for the entire litter, with a special discount. Make sure the goodie bag for your pup teaches the family the most important aspects of puppy care, health and style :)

Planning a new litter? Write us a message with more details and we will reply with your personal discount code.


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